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Buffolo Bloodstock
Buffolo Bloodstock
Buffolo Bloodstock

My job as a bloodstock agent is first to understand each individual and how I can be helpful to them. I do enjoy thoroughly the friendship that develops between myself and a client when we work together, and it is extremely rewarding to see their happiness when success is achieved.

Early Life

Growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I was immersed in my country’s racing industry, as my father and my uncle have owned racehorses together since the late 60’s.

They had been influenced by my grandfather (their father) who would follow racing very much, attending the local racecourse most weekends. Their passion has paid off and they have had much success, involved in the ownership of nine G1 winners so far in their 50 plus years’ involvement, including a Derby winner in Brazil and another Derby winner in Argentina.

I remember being quite serious about studying pedigrees from stallion books when I was 12 years old. Years later, my devotion has not waivered.

I am still a huge pedigree person and love that I know how to look back and put together the pedigree and the physical attributes of horses through some generations. I also understand and appreciate the physicality and training regimes of racehorses and find it all so fascinating.


I have obtained a Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Medicine and in 2008, was a graduate of the renowned Godolphin Flying Start Program. Where I was fortunate to travel the world, learning and experiencing all aspects of the racing and breeding industry.

I am proudly only the second ever Brazilian participant on the program. I hope to inspire others from my home country to participate in this great worldwide industry.

Upon graduation…

I spent 18 months under the tutelage of respected bloodstock manager John Ferguson, at Darley’s Newmarket base, before relocating to Darley USA, splitting my role between the marketing and nominations departments.

Another five years was spent as General Manager at Florida’s Besilu Stables, one of American horse racing’s fastest-growing operations and the finest breeders of the Paso Fino breed of horse.

Commencing in 2017…

I was the Executive Director at Don Alberto Corporation, helping to establish the company as one of America’s Top 15 breeders. My role included stock management, matings and sales.

Being from South America and being able to travel to so many parts of the world is quite eye opening. My ability to speak three languages – Spanish, Portuguese and English – has helped me open doors to further develop and experience so many aspects of the thoroughbred racing and breeding industry.

I think the most important thing that I’ve experienced through working in so many different places are that horses can be treated, bred, or trained in so many ways but all of them converge to the same point or to achieve the same result.

It’s great to have been exposed early on to racing on both surfaces and then work in Europe where there is mainly turf racing, and North America where the emphasis is more on dirt, although they are seeing an increase in turf racing. All of those particularities are fascinating, and it can be well seen how the stallion market adapt to it for their shuttling horses.

Global Experience

I have an in-depth and first-hand knowledge of the South American racing and breeding scene and know how to tap into its vast potential for the worldwide market.

One of my earlier employers used to say: “You can teach a skill to anyone, but you can’t teach a bad person how to be a good person. Always choose the person with solid principles and great character because he or she can be taught anything in life”.

This same person taught me how important it is to be flexible and adaptable in life.

“You can teach a skill to anyone, but you can’t teach a bad person how to be a good person. Always choose the person with solid principles and great character because he or she can be taught anything in life”

Horse racing is a constant learning process, there truly is something new to learn every day.

The famous quote from Winston Churchill resonates: “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man”.

Horses have that power to put together the grooms, trainers, and wealthy owners in the same room on equal terms, like they lived all their lives together. It’s something that you see a lot around the horses and not much in other industries.

One of the benefits of sourcing bloodstock globally, rather than just your specific local market, is identifying sometimes with more precision opportunities that would not be interesting if you didn’t know other markets.