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My first job as a Bloodstock Agent is to understand the goals and expectations of my individual clients and how I can be of service.

Are you looking to source suitable racing or breeding stock, venture into new international markets ripe with opportunity or require management or advice of your thoroughbred portfolio?

With my global experience, knowledge and contacts, you can be confident of a successful partnership.

Sourcing International Breeding Stock

Since childhood, I have been fascinated with thoroughbred pedigrees, and years later my devotion has not waivered. I continue to study pedigrees to not only keep up with current breeding trends, but to find new and interesting breeding opportunities.

Having begun my work in my home country of Brazil before embarking on a global career, I have an in-depth and first-hand knowledge of the South American racing and breeding scene and how best to tap into its vast potential for the worldwide market.

An example of this is the sourcing of South American mares for the Japanese breeding market. The practice is in its infancy, however the mix appears to be creating good results.

Sourcing International Racehorses

I have a deep appreciation for the physicality and training regimes of racehorses and what it takes to find the winning formula. Throughout my career, I have had much success in sourcing racehorses at various points in the lives who have gone on to have great racetrack careers, and then onto stud.

Despite our different cultures, there are many similarities between the styles of racing in jurisdictions around the world. Horses have that power to put together the grooms, trainers, and wealthy owners in the same room on equal terms, like they lived all their lives together.

Bloodstock Portfolio Management

The management of your bloodstock portfolio can be a time consuming and overwhelming task. I can assist you with the planning and execution of your racing and breeding goals and intentions to achieve the greatest possible success for your portfolio.

I do thoroughly enjoy the friendship that develops between myself and a client when we work together, and it is extremely rewarding to see their happiness when success is achieved. I look forward to working with you.